1. Employer events

The following is an indication of what we know from experience and student and recruiter feedback what works well and not so well at the University of Bristol. We advise that you consider this when planning your event to avoid disappointment.

  • Planning is crucial to secure your preference of date and location.
  • Advertise your vacancies with us. This will help retain your profile year-round and can help build momentum in the lead up to your event.
  • Consider your profile among the student body at the University. If your brand is niche or this is your first visit, you may need to consider additional advertising options to gain more interest.
  • Bring enthusiastic and approachable speakers. A range of roles to cover a mix of different questions is useful - someone from recruitment or HR, a recent graduate and someone more senior. University of Bristol alumni can also work well.
  • Be prepared to have a mixed audience. Some students will be prepared and knowledgeable about your company while others may just be trying to figure out if a career in that sector is for them.
  • Write an engaging and direct description for your presentation to entice students to attend. Due to high demand for Bristol students they may be invited to multiple events each day. Define why they should come to your event by writing a snappy, jargon free description. Be clear about the opportunities you have available and what they will gain from attending your event.
  • Disclose any minimum suitability requirements in your event description. This allows students to self-select and ensures you do not meet students who will ultimately be unable to apply because of company restrictions.

Things to avoid:

  • Attempting to book your event with a faculty directly. The Careers Service coordinates a diary of employer activity and can ensure your event does not clash with competitors from your industry.
  • Asking Student Brand Ambassadors to arrange events on your behalf. They are great at promoting your company on campus but should not be expected to organise events. Please do ask your Student Brand Ambassadors to introduce themselves at the Careers Service.
  • Flyering outside of your designated area or not on the day of your event. This can result in complaints and the University‚Äôs sustainability department will likely ask you to stop.
  • Blanket outdoor branding (clean art, adverticals, large banners hung on railings). Time bound branding campaigns contained in a specific indoor area can work well.
  • Large cumbersome structures. It is often not possible to accommodate these due to Bristol being a precinct-based campus and lack of appropriate indoor and outdoor space. Simpler installations are more likely to work.