Build your profile

  • Advertise vacancies: post your part-time job, internship or full-time graduate role, free of charge, on our online jobs portal, to reach over 30,000 students and recent graduates. Use our best practice guidelines to maximise the reach of your advert.
  • Target email: send sponsored information direct to your target audience through our email platform.
  • Employer profile: build your company‚Äôs profile with targeted adverts.
  • Social media: connect with us on twitterFacebook and Instagram and we can share your posts and competitions with our student followers.
  • Careers fairs: our fairs, some industry-specific, are attended by over 5,000 students each year and are heavily promoted across campus, including on our Careers Fair Plus app.
  • Workshops and skills sessions: give students real-world industry insight by helping them develop the skills required to compete in the labour market.
  • Presentations and promotional events: raise brand awareness by hosting pop-up stands, evening drinks receptions, and interactive sessions on campus.
  • Bristol PLUS Award: work with some of our most engaged and motivated students through our popular employability award.

Talk to our experienced staff to design a bespoke engagement plan to meet your needs.