1. Privacy statement

The University needs to collect and process employer contact details and basic company information in order to provide employer events and vacancy advertising to connect employers with students and recent graduates and enhance their employability skills and prospects.

This privacy statement relates to the employer contact details and company information held and used by the University of Bristol Careers Service. The Careers Service uses CareerHub (branded as mycareer) to help administer employer events, coordinate employer activity on campus and advertise vacancies to students and recent graduates.

All data collected by the Careers Service will be handled in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018. This statement sets out how your contact details and company information will be stored, accessed and used.

Service access and duration

On registration with the University of Bristol, a mycareer online account is created by the user. mycareer is the employer access point for the Careers Service, and the route through which data is shared with students and recent graduates.

Users set their own account password, which is not accessible by Careers Service staff. This can be reset either directly through the ‘My Details’ section of the mycareer account, or by contacting employer-services@bristol.ac.uk.

User accounts remain active until the Careers Service are advised that they should be deactivated. Contact details can be updated through ‘My Details’ in mycareer, and users are able to request for their account to be deactivated by contacting employer-services@bristol.ac.uk.

Personal data we hold

Types of employers able to register on mycareer include non-profit organisations and agents for employers.The Careers Service will not post roles which are advertised by individuals not representing a registered business. On creation of an account through mycareer, employers are asked to provide company contact details, primary contact details and basic company information.

Mandatory company contact details recorded are a postal address, city, postcode, email address and telephone number. Optionally a fax, mobile number and website address can be given.

The primary contact must register their first and last name, at least one telephone number and an email address. Postal address details must be given if the primary contact’s address differs from that of the organisation. The primary contact must also create a username and password and agree that they are authorised to create an account on behalf of the organisation.

Mandatory basic company details taken are the organisation name, country, organisation type, industry type, number of employees, scope of operations and a description of the organisation. Additionally, the company or charity registration number must be given for any company based in the United Kingdom. For companies based in other countries, this is optional.

For each employer account, members of University staff are able to add and view notes made on conversations with employers captured at careers events, site visits and through other forms of communication like emails and telephone calls. If an employer provides data pertaining to recruitment activity at a visit day, this may be uploaded to the employer’s account and stored there for future reference.

How we use your personal data

This information is required to allow the Careers Service to administer the employer events and vacancies advertised on behalf of employers for students and recent graduates. This will include:

  • Making telephone calls to offer tailored information and relevant opportunities for employers to connect with students and recent graduates on campus
  • Sending invitations by email to participate in or lead careers events (e.g. careers fairs, promotional events, skills sessions)
  • Distributing tailored information in the form of newsletters
  • Booking places for careers events
  • Requesting target emails to specific groups of students or recent graduates
  • Advertising vacancies on behalf of organistions
  • Recording notes of conversations and meetings with employers
  • Sending invitations to take part in surveys, including surveys conducted by external organisations for compiling league tables (i.e. QS Top Universities)
  • Sending basic company profile information to external organisations (i.e. CareerFair Plus) for publication to students in an app
  • Conducting statistical analyses
  • Anonymous tracking of user journeys using Google Analytics.

The Careers Service may also provide your contact details to other departments within the University to help them to deliver information or services for current or prospective students (e.g. to provide mentoring opportunities, to seek support alumni panel events, to find speakers at presentations).

Where your personal data is held

Your personal data is held on servers at the University of Bristol. A small amount of personal data may be stored temporarily by mycareer for testing purposes or to investigate and resolve technical faults. Basic company profile information shared with CareerFair Plus will be stored on their servers, and does not include any contact details supplied. If you consent to sharing your email addresses with QS Top Universities, this data will be stored on their servers.

Who has access to your personal data

Access to personal data stored in mycareer is limited to University staff who require such access in relation to their role. Some software support staff may occasionally have access to mycareer to provide support and testing services, such as to resolve technical faults or create bespoke reports.

Updating your data and communication preferences

Contact details and communication preferences can be updated directly through ‘My Details’ in mycareer, and users are able to request for their account to be deactivated by contacting employer-services@bristol.ac.uk. Note that users cannot unsubscribe from system messages.

Accessing your personal data

The Data Protection Act 2018 provides you with the right to access the information that we hold about you. Instructions on how to access personal data held by the University are available online.


If you have any issues relating to these terms and conditions, wish to exercise your ‘right to be forgotten’, or wish to have copies of the personal data we hold in relation to you, please contact data-protection@bristol.ac.uk.