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New documents

E.g what need does this resource meet?
Please give as much information as possible.
E.g. blog post, social media post, newsletter.
Please upload word documents only, as we are unable to amend PDFs.


New videos

All videos are added to YouTube. They are also added to mycareer if the video is to become a resource or if you need to record who has watched it.
E.g what need does this resource meet?
Please give as much information as possible.

Videos should be saved as an MP4 in the Sharepoint video document store

Students can search by the topic, so please choose carefully.
If so, please ensure that a PDF version of your video is saved in the document store.

Data and information request

(A bigger request for multiple data sources or about a theme - i.e. is there a significant difference in student experiences of careers and employability between one group and another)
(e.g. % with no work experience, stage of career thinking)
(e.g. how many year 1 medics are currently studying?)
(e.g. appointments, events, logins, resource views, questions, feedback, comms/website, employers/vacancies)
(i.e. % in work, sector, job title, employer)
(i.e. % in study, course, institution)
Please specify if you are only interested in specific faculties, events or student groups (e.g. international students, PLUS, BAME).

Target email record

For example: Lead Now Event, UBU Competition, Careers Fair
E.g. link to external source
Please tick all that apply
If you select 'other' please give details

Web requests

e.g. Selection Perfection
e.g. 4 to 15 February
This should contain a very short line of text, fewer than 30 words, with the key details of your event. It shouldn't repeat the title eg.'Media and creative industries week is for those looking for a career in media and creative industries.' Remember to speak directly to the students - e.g this event will help you gain confidence NOT this event will help students gain confidence.

If this event is not on CareerHub, please email Jenny G when it is available, so that a hyperlink can be added to the events page.

Please give as much information as you can.

CareerHub system

If you are contacting the team because there is an immediate problem with CareerHub, please email or telephone (0117) 92 88694 (internal 88694) 

Please note that we are happy to discuss all form requests. The information requested below is essential for adding a new form, but please get in touch if you are unsure of any of the answers.

This may be for administrators, students or organisations or it may be open to anyone, so the user does not need to log in to CareerHub.
This should contain a brief description of what the form is for, and should be no more than 500 characters.
Additional data may include the student's year of study or Award. 'Anonymous' should not be selected if you wish to reply to the user - e.g. for a prize draw.
E.g. the person submitting the form or to an admin team.

New user request

Please fill out the details below for the new staff member
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Please give the number of minutes the appointment will last for. E.g. 60

Zoom appointments

Please ensure that you have checked the existing Zoom accounts list to see if you can reuse an existing account.  If there is not one you can use, you will need to set up a Zoom account for your personal or shared email account by contacting

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E.g. Current students, Humanities students etc.

Training request

Other CareerHub requests

If you would like changes to an existing form, please include a link to the form or the exact title.
Please note that if we are unable to meet this deadline, we will inform you in advance.

MI team only

This field is for administrative purposes only and is not part of the request form.
These will go for Comms and Web requests only