Bristol Futures Engagement Opportunities - Badging application

This form is intended to let you submit your student engagement project details so it can be reviewed to identify whether it meets badging criteria.

The Badging Scheme

The introduction of the Bristol Futures Engagement Opportunities Badging is one of a number of developments underway to recognise good practice across the institution, as well as support staff in developing and promoting high quality student engagement opportunities.

The Bristol Futures Badge has been designed to;

  • Provide an opportunity for staff to have the student engagement projects they deliver recognised and promoted, whilst ensuring the process isn’t onerous
  • Recognise existing extracurricular projects delivered by staff across the University
  • Empower schools, faculties and professional services to continue to deliver their own projects
  • Support staff to recognise other colleagues within this space and continue to build internal networks
  • Support students to identify engagement opportunities outside of their home schools and help them to join the dots with other opportunities e.g. Bristol PLUS Award, Bristol Futures Open Online Courses
  • Provide some consistency of experience for students, within a flexible framework so as not to limit innovation and new ideas

Initially the badging will be limited to internal extracurricular opportunities however, if successful, we would look to expand to engagement opportunities within the curriculum, external opportunities and potentially include as part of the recognition mechanism for student led projects incubated by Bristol SU. 

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Programme details

Please note that all projects must meet the first three criteria and a minimum of 8 criteria in total.
Please note that years of study include one year courses such as Masters courses, unless you specify otherwise.

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